RES Study Group



Please note that this study group is strictly for SEAA students and the seats are limited. SEAA reserves the right to
turn away non-students and students who did not register online for the session (s). We will not accept walk-in
participants. Our trainers are doiing this study group on a voluntary basis for the benefit of SEAA students. They
will start promptly and they will decide on the duration of the breaks. We will not accept phone registrations,
or softbooking or claims that registration have been made when it's not. Only online registration is accepted.
A confirmation will be sent this Friday. 

Location: SEAA Training Room Paya Lebar Square #13-23

Please consider the dates carefully and click on the date that you are able to attend. We will remove your name if we 
find duplicate entries for different dates for the same paper. 



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Trainer conducts the study group on a voluntary basis at his own time.


 Paper 1


Date: 21 June

Time: 6pm-7pm

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