Revision Exam Class (REC)


The Revision Exam Class (REC) effectively prepare the individual who had completed the RES course for the RES examination. 

Many participants who attended the REC Class find the exam tips, mock-test, sample questions and revision on difficult topics very helpful in their preparation for the exam. Join us and discover how you too can achieve success with proper preparation and guidance from our experience trainers. In order to optimize your chance to pass first time, you must go through your course notes/lectures prior to the session. All participants can then effectively tackle the mock exam paper & participate actively in class. 


For SEAA Students, please key in all the required fields and ensure that the NRIC No. keyed in is with the Prefix (eg: SxxxxxxxA) in the registration form in order for our system to churn out the student rate for you. 

The REC is an intensive revision class comprises of full day lessons. Please refer to the table below for more information.


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 Paper 1 (New Students)


 Date: 23 Feb

 Time: 10am to 5pm

Trainer: Leslie Goh

 SEAA Students: $80
 Non Students: $140     



  • Mock Test to simulate actual RES
    exam conditions
  • Revision on important
    topics & concepts
  • Understand the examination
    format and suggested strategies
    toward the RES exam paper
  • Focus on case studies questions
    and additional practice questions
    will be provided
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 Paper 1
 (Exam-Retakers Only!)

Date: TBA

Time: 10am-5pm

Trainer: Steve Liu

SEAA Student: $200

Non Studens: $300


We cover specific topics in Paper 1 only!

Day 1 Course Outline

  • Legal Meaning of Land
  • Legal Definition of Strata Development
  • Estates in Land
  • State Lands Act
  • Legal Interests & Equitable Interests
  • Future Interests in Land


Day 2 Course Outline

  • Law of Contract
  • Landlord & Tenant Law
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Tort - Negligence


Not Available Not Available



 Paper 2
 (New Students & Retakers)


 Date: TBA

 Time: 10am to 5pm

 Trainers: Steve Liu

                Mark Gansham                                


 SEAA Students: $160
 Non Students: $260   



  • 2 Days intensive revision on impt topics     
    & concepts
  • Understand the exam format
    and suggested strategies
    toward the RES exam
  • Focus on case studies questions
    and additional practice qns will
    be provided


REC Testimonial


 Both Papers


 Paper 1:    23 Feb
 Time: 10am-5pm


 Paper 2:    TBA
 Time: 10am-5pm


 SEAA Students: $240

 Non Students: $400  

You may refer to the description above.- 

For cash/nets payment, please register directly at our office Paya Lebar Square #13-23. Operating hours are from 9am-5pm (Mon-Fri), please avoid lunchtime from 12.45pm-2pm. Limited seats. 


Non-SEAA student please contact SEAA (67021602) directly for assistance. 

Please note that this event is subject to changes, terms and conditions by SEAA. No refund of fees will be given for non-attendance or withdrawals. Participants will be notified should there be changes made by SEAA.