CPD Testimonials



Here are what some CPD participants think of our courses



  • “Kenneth is very thorough explaining IT related matters especially for people who is technically challenged. Good job :)” on Kenneth, MTSC


  • “Probably the best speaker I've ever had to listen to during a CPD course” on Patrick Tan, DWTO

  • “I highly recommend other salespersons to attend this course! Very good” on Alfred Chia, PTI

  • “Engaging speaker with good sense of humour, also able to give interesting facts and case studies behind certain acts.” on James Tam, PCRM

  • “Course is very educational not only from a real estate person's point of view”
    “Enjoyed every topic I have attended with Alfred. Great trainer” on Alfred Chia, SAMP

  •  “Nowadays the lecturers you engage are superb.  They are really "gurus" in their field. I heard from Jasline's feedback that Mr. Patrick Tan is also experienced and that he gave lots of real life and useful case studies for their easy understanding. Jasline could remember the concepts and could relate them to me. Today I attended Mr Leung's class and I find him knowledgeable too! Excellent. Well done and keep up your great work!” on Leung Yew Kwong & Patrick Tan, CGTG & DWTO

  • “She is very knowledgeable and confident in delivering the subject and informative.” on Edith Tay, INDP

  • “Mr Harold Tan is one of the most eloquent trainers amongst the many courses I have attended. I am impressed with his delivery and abundance of knowledge.” on Harold Tan, SOCP

  • “Positively a very enriching experience to learn from a practicing lawyer and not just an academician” on Patrick Tan, CLPF

  • “Mr Lee is friendly, he made an effort to introduce himself to every participant and conducted the course efficiently and professionally as well. Well done”! on Lee Heng Mun, CS

  •  “Very informative and learned a lot from the course. Patrick is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended for others to attend.” on Patrick Tan, DWTO

  • “Benjamin is well versed in this topic. Sharing his knowledge and essence of this course. Good job!” on Benjamin Yeo, EAAR

  •  “Mr Lee is very relatable and knowledgeable. Enjoyed his sharing of his personal experiences.” on Lee Heng Mun, LPSSK

  • “It is a real eye opener especially for participants with minimal IT knowledge. Thank you Kenneth for sharing” on Kenneth Cheok, MTSC

  • “This course should be promoted further to all new salespersons in the industry” on Benjamin Yeo, OTPU

  • “Trainer's real-life examples and in-depth knowledge of the topic make the course very interesting and resourceful” on James Tam, PCRM

  • “This is the BEST core topic that all salespersons should attend.” on Benjamin Yeo, PMLC

  • "Good conclusion. This topic is quite dry yet the trainer delivered the course well. That's a pretty mean feat!" on Benjamin Yeo, OTPU

  • "Good lecturer who knows how to keep class attentive and interesting." on Mark Gansham, PSMG

  • "Trainer's experience is extensive, and he is knowledgeable and willing to share. Good for industry salespersons who are new/need guidance/clarification." on Lee Heng Mun, PSMG