Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP™) Course


November SAMP Intake

The CPD program will be conducted via E-Synchronous Learning on Zoom Platform. 6 Professional CPD credits awarded upon full completion of the course. 

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SAMP Overview

Written with the real estate professional in mind, the course is also suitable for financial planners and
property investors alike. Rich in both concepts and hands-on practices, this course will equip the course
participant with the knowledge and skill to both plan and manage a mortgage. Course participants will
also be introduced to advanced financing strategies, as well as the effective use of leverage - a critical
element that will improve borrowing capabilities and help create greater wealth.

Why SAMP™?

A real estate professional who has the requisite knowledge and skill in mortgage planning will be able
to add value to the buying and selling process that he undertakes to serve his client. A financial planner
who has an in-depth knowledge of mortgage planning will be able to chart out his client’s finances
holistically and recommend the right instruments to generate more wealth. A property investor, on the
other hand, will get to know the features of the different types of loans available, and take on the loan
most suitable for his/her investment profile.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants would be able to:


  • Work out a financial blueprint before a property purchase;
  • Identify the factors that banks use to assess loan eligibility;
  • Recognise the different types of loans;
  • Select a loan most suitable to a property purchase;
  • Describe what a bridging loan is and illustrate its use;
  • Outline the steps in arranging for commercial property investment;
  • Explain how an equity term loan can unlock value from a property without selling;
  • Identify the conditions favorable to refinancing;
  • Describe the factors to look out for in managing a construction loan;
  • Create a plan to pay off the loan earlier; and
  • Identify the protection plan most relevant to the home buyer and the property.



Module 1: [P311S0165] Singapore Property Financing Framework (SPFF) (1 Full day session)

Course Details

With increasing consumer expectations and the consequent push towards greater professionalization, the real estate
industry faces the ever-pressing need to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to stay relevant. They play diverse roles as
facilitators, advisors and consultants to the client’s buying and selling process. In today’s competitive market, real
estate professionals have to position themselves to stand out from the crowd.


With the introduction of 7 Property Cooling Measures and Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) Framework, there were
major changes in the various regulations and policies on various types of property financing.  Salespersons are
expected to be knowledgeable in various policies governing the issues of financing loans as specified in Professional
Service Manual issued by CEA. 


It is against this backdrop of professionalism that this program is created.  The program will equip participants with the
knowledge and skills on mortgage planning for their clients.   



By the end of this course, the participant would be able to:-


  • Work out a financial plan for your client’s property purchase;
  • Comprehensive understanding of the TDSR framework to perform their duties professionally
  • Computation of the various taxes from ABSD, SSD to GST which affect property purchases & sales
  • Outline the steps banks undertake to assess your client’s creditworthiness
  • Weigh the pros and cons of different loan packages and recommend the best fit loan
    package for your client
  • Create a plan for your clients to successfully pay off their mortgage earlier
  • Utilise a bridging loan effectively to bridge the gap between your client’s purchases;
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of refinancing for your client’s mortgage according to
    MAS Notice 645;
  • Distinguish the pros and cons of unlocking the value of your client’s property through
    mortgage according to MAS Notice 632;
  • Understand the differences between various insurance programs available for your client’s
    mortgage protection
  • Understand the differences between Additions & Alterations (A&A), Erection and
    Reconstruction for Landed Property
  • Compute the construction loan
  • Understand Company Act and the application for residential & commercial property
  • Understand various tax and need for compliance
  • Understand Estate Agent Act with clear indication of what  is the acceptable practices
    and avoid any act that may contravene
    this regulation in the area of advising on property financing
  • Case studies which involve hands on financial calculation


Module 2: [P311S0144] Property Tax Issues that every salesperson should know (PTI) (Half day afternoon session)
- course details here

Module 3: [P105S0049] - CPF Policies that All Salespersons should know (CPFP) (Half day afternoon session)
- course details here


Course Benefits

Conducted over 2 full days, the SAMP™ course is suited for professionals from the real estate and
financial planning industry, and the investor who wants to be empowered with the knowledge to make the right

Real estate professionals who are SEAA members and fully complete all 3 SAMP modules and pass the
assessment at the end will receive the designatory use of the title, SAMP™, and will be awarded 
6 Professional CPD credits (2 credits awarded per module).

Course Fees

SEAA Members   : $550.00 (incl GST)
Non Members      : $650.00 (incl GST)

Course Schedule



 Course Schedule (E-Synchronous Learning on Zoom Platform)

 Day 1 - 12 August 2021
Module 2: 10.00am to 1.00pm
 Module 3: 2.00pm to 5.00pm

 Day 2 - 13 August 2021
Module 1: 10.30am to 5.30pm
Assessment to be 
taken in person on a set period of time to complete

 TrainerAlfred Chia (click to view profile)

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