P105S0049 - CPF Policies that All Salespersons should know (CPFP) *SAMP Module 3

22 Apr 202022 Apr 20202pm-5pm
Online-Learning via Zoom
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Course Overview



*This course is eligible for NTUC UTAP funding

Trainer: Alfred Chia

2 Professional CPD credits will be awarded upon completion.

Course Objective(s):

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security savings plan that many Singaporeans and Permanent Residents rely on for their retirement, healthcare and home ownership needs.  This course will focus on CPF policies concerning property ownership.  It will equip participants the essential knowledge of CPF policies relating to home ownership for both HDB and private properties.

Expected Learning Outcome(s):

  • Understand the various CPF policies that affect public, private and commercial property ownership
  • Understand the impact and implications of the CPF Housing Withdrawal Limit, Valuation Limit and the CPF contribution rate on the housing instalment repayment
  • Understand the implications of the CPF nomination on property succession planning ownership
  • Understand how the CPF can be used for property construction
  • Understand how unrelated persons may use CPF to purchase a property
  • Understand the effect of CPF Charge (Priority of Claims)
  • Understand the various implications in the event of the death of owners, divorce and bankruptcy 
  • Understand how the CPF Retirement Sum affects 2nd and subsequent property investment


Course Synopsis:

  • Public Housing Scheme
  • Private Properties Scheme
  • Non-Residential Properties Scheme
    • Can you use CPF to invest in commercial properties?
  • Explain the impact and implications of the CPF Housing Withdrawal Limit, including situations that arise in the following scenarios:
    • The status of an outstanding HDB loan when total CPF withdrawals reach the Valuation Limit (VL)
    • The existence, or absence, of a provision to utilise more of the CPF savings when withdrawals have hit the VL
    • The impact of the CPF contribution rate on housing instalment repayment
  • Explain the implications of CPF nomination on property ownership
  • Use of CPF to build house
  • Use of Special account to service housing instalment
  • Explain on how non-related persons can make use of CPF to purchase property
  • Explain on the effect of CPF charge when CPF savings are used for property purchase
  • Explain on CPF Refund policies
  • What happen in the case of divorce?
  • What happen in the case of bankruptcy?
  • Explain the implications of the CPF CPF Retirement Sum Scheme for the second and subsequent property purchase.

For 22 Apr 2020
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