Essential Financial Indicators for Real Estate Salespersons

14 Apr 202014 Apr 20202pm-5pm
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Course Overview

Essential Financial Indicators for Real Estate Salespersons
*This course is not eligible for NTUC UTAP funding

Trainer: Harold Tan

Duration: 3 hours. With a 15-minute class break.
2 Generic CPD credits will be awarded upon completion.

Course Synopsis:

Property purchases and leases involve substantial amounts of money.  To make an informed and wise decision, real estate salespersons can help clients make decisions by showing them the market yield for such properties.  When dealing with companies and business people (particularly for commercial and industrial transactions), companies calculate various rates of return for owning property.

What is gross yield versus net yield? How is rate of return calculated?  What is the difference between ROE (Return on Equity) versus ROI (Return on Investment)?  What is IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value)?  How are they used? Why are they important to property investors and purchasers?

This CPD module is an introductory module which provide the essentials about these financial indicators used in real estate.  It explains how these numbers are derived, how to use them and what are the limitations of each type of indicator.

This course is intended for people who do not have a background knowledge of real estate financial indicators.  It is an essential core topic that all real estate salespersons should know because every buyer needs to know the market yield of his property versus its bank loan interest rate to determine whether he is in negative gearing before making the decision to purchase.  Other than yield, the other measures are useful tools for salespersons to help companies assess the financial attractiveness of the properties that they are considering before committing to buying or selling them.


Learning Outcome(s):

The objective of this course is to train real estate salespersons in the key financial indicators that are used in real estate so that they develop competency in understanding and using them in real estate transactions.  After the course, participants should understand and be able to calculate: -


  1. Gross Yield
  2. Net Yield
  3. Average Rate of Return (ARR)
  4. Return on Investment (ROI)
  5. Return on Equity (ROE)
  6. Payback Period
  7. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  8. Net Present Value (NPV)


•   To appreciate the advantages and limitations of each type of measure.

•   To appreciate how these measures are used to assess the financial performance of properties.

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